Senior Biomedical Digital Signal Processing Engineer

At Riva Health, you'd work with the cofounder of Siri on our mission to dramatically simplify and personalize disease management, while making our innovations accessible on devices that people already have. You'd be part of the founding group of employees helping to pave the way with best practices and processes and you'd work alongside world class biomedical engineers and machine learning experts. As a generalist, you'd also be able to specialize in key areas and help the team go from zero to launch and continue iterating through validation phases.


Role Details:

Working alongside our head of science, you'd utilize algorithms, filters and other signal processing techniques used to analyze biomedical signals. You'd work with the team to develop tooling capable of enhancing signal—such as removing artifacts—or extracting features or other insights from both realtime and recorded data sets.

Key Qualifications:

- Broad understanding of human physiology

- Strong background in signal processing theory, with a focus on the medical field

- Expertise in one or more of: signal processing, multimodal sensing, sensor fusion, time series, time frequency analysis, dynamical systems, and/or numerical modeling

- Fluency in a relevant programming language (especially Python, C/C++ and/or Matlab)

- Masters/PhD in Biomedical engineering, Biophysics, Signal Processing, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science or equivalent work experience

Additional Qualifications:

- Track record of performing in a fast-paced environment as a self-starter

- Excellent written and verbal communication and presentation skills

- Knowledge of cardiovascular physiology is a plus

- Knowledge of common machine learning frameworks is a plus (e.g. scikit-learn, pandas and/or deep learning toolboxes such as TensorFlow, PyTorch, Caffe, etc)

- Strong publication record demonstrating innovative research is a plus

- Experience with clinical trials and multimodal datasets is a plus

- Experience building machine learning solutions for large scale time-series datasets is a plus

Whether it's working with a world class team to save lives, or taking care of yourself with great benefits and time off, we've got you covered.

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